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Eligible Grant Applicants: Eligible Nebraska applicants include the following: public libraries, public and private schools (Elementary, Middle, Jr. High, High Schools), public librarians, public and private school librarians, public and private school teachers (grades 4–12). Partnerships between schools and libraries are encouraged

Fill out your Application Online: Click the Apply Now! button to the right to fill out the online application. Aside from your contact information, you will be asked to answer the five questions below:

Application Questions
1. Describe your target audiences by checking all that apply:
____ Grades 4-6
____ Grades 7-8
____ Grades 9-12
Space is provided for comments if needed.

2. Describe your tentative plans/purpose for your proposed Letter Writing Clinic(s). Include where you plan to hold the session(s) and if you plan to partner with other school(s) and/or library(s).

3. Include your tentative time frame for the clinic(s) [date range of when you plan to host the Clinic].

4. Describe how you anticipate attracting participants to the Clinic?

5. How many students do you estimate your Clinic would serve?

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